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Post-Election Resource Guide

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As Election Day approaches, we would like to provide resources to assist the campus community in promoting strong dialogue and civic engagement. As Chancellor Jones said in a recent message to the campus community, “Whatever the outcomes of this election, the deep divisions and differing perspectives we have seen will not simply disappear. But elections do offer an opportunity to step back, recalibrate and get a fresh start in finding common ground on issues that matter to every single one of us” (Massmail: “Elections and Our Values”). Below is a collection of on-campus resources and events, as well as external resources, that you may find useful as you navigate inter-political dialogue through your campus role.

Campus Events

Past Events

Resources for Processing and Dialogue

The election has raised many important issues related to issues of equity and inclusion. Consequently, the election process and election results may provoke strong feelings and impact our campus community. Campus professionals may wish to hold spaces for students and/or other professionals to process the election results.

Preparing for After the Election

Regardless of the outcomes, the 2020 Election may provoke strong reactions. Additionally, some elections may not be decided on November 3rd, as some localities wait for mail-in and drop-off ballots to be counted. This will not just impact University of Illinois students, but all our campus community members. Providing immediate space for processing and engagement may be important as individuals consider the short- and long-term election results.

Facilitating Conversations

You may end up facilitating difficult yet sensitive conversations after the election. Below are some tips for a successful conversation.

Resources for Leading Post-Election Discussions

Below are several resources that provide additional facilitation tips and strategies for leading non-partisan conversations.

Facilitation Resources

Discussion Materials