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DRIVE Committee

Diversity Realized by Visioning Excellence (DRIVE) is a working group comprised of highly respected faculty with the goal of impacting the faculty hiring process to ensure that diversity and excellence are an inseparable part of the hiring process. Faculty peer education efforts related to the search process should help to further the campus’ commitment to diversity. The DRIVE Committee is focused on supporting and accelerating department-, school- and college-level efforts to recruit faculty members and postdocs from traditionally underrepresented populations. The DRIVE committee administers the Illinois Distinguished Postdoctoral and Visiting Scholar Program in conjunction with the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and the Office for Access & Equity.

Committee Members (2019–2020)

DRIVE Charge Letter, 2019

  • Wendy Heller, Chair
  • Colleen Murphy
  • Cheryl Cole
  • Cindy Ingold
  • Jan Erkert
  • Gabrielle Allen
  • Heidi Johnson, ex officio
  • Gioconda Guerra Pérez
  • Mathew Ando
  • Lance Cooper
  • Ollie Watts Davis
  • Nicki Engeseth
  • Aric Rindfleisch
  • Jamelle Sharpe
  • Monika Stodolska
  • Nathan Todd