Academic Search Process

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Guidelines, Policies, and Campus Commitment Statement

Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Appointments
Interview Questions and Pre-Employment Inquiries
Search Firm Policy
Reaffirmation of Campus Commitment

Academic Search Process Key Roles

Search Committee Member Checklist
Search Chair Checklist
Diversity Advocate Checklist
EEO Officer Checklist
Hiring Official Charge Checklist

Search Committee Compliance Resources

Search Committee Member Acknowledgement
Confidentiality Statement
Confidentiality Acknowledgement
Conflict of Interest Acknowledgement
Off-List Reference Consent Form

Appointment Change, Job Description, and Hiring Approval Resources

Hiring Request Form Example (For questions about the HRF, please consult Academic Human Resources)
PAPE Sample Questions (For questions about the PAPE, please consult Academic Human Resources)
Appointment Changes for Academic Professionals

Academic Search Process Resources

Position Announcement Templates
Evaluation Form Example
Good Faith Efforts Example
Diversity of the Pool Report Example
Interview Preparation Checklist
Sample Interview Questions
Summary Justification Example
Semi-Finalist Justification Example

Big Ten Academic Alliance Doctoral Directory
Diversifying Higher Education Faculty in Illinois Program
*Southern Regional Education Board DSP Scholar Directory
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Academic Search Process Training
Search Process Overview for Search Chairs, Search Committee Members, and Diversity Advocates
Being a Change Agent in the Search Process