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Poster Session

The Chancellor’s Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Injustice Research Symposium

Friday, October 7, 2022
Levis Faculty Center

Posters are located clockwise around the perimeter of each room.

Levis First Floor
Community-Based Innovation

Our Lives, Our Dreams, Our Voces: Leveraging Community-Based Collaborations to Increase Representation of Latina/x Girls’ Narratives in Museums

Project Leaders: Catherine Dornfeld Tissenbaum, Curriculum and Instruction (Education); Mónica González Ybarra, Curriculum and Instruction (Education); Idalia Nuñez, Curriculum and Instruction (Education); Kelly O’Neill, Girls Go For It! (Community Collaborator); Cynthia Bruno, Girls Go For It! (Community Collaborator)

Rooting a Deeper Connection (RDC) Residence Program

Project Leader: Mindy Brand, Allerton Park & Retreat Center (Office of the Provost)

Building Community through Collaborative Public Art Projects

Project Leader: Jennifer Bergmark, Art & Design (Fine & Applied Arts)

Indigenous Languages on the Move Collective: Migrants Rights and Language Justice in the Champaign Area

Project Leaders: Korinta Maldonado, Anthropology and American Indian Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Susana Simon, Pixan Konob’ (Community Collaborator); Mateo Sebastian, Pixan Konob’ (Community Collaborator); Ana Lucas, Pixan Konob’ (Community Collaborator)

Diaspora and Border Racial Justice Youth Project

Project Leaders: Krystal Smalls, Anthropology and Linguistics (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Korinta Maldonado, Anthropology and American Indian Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Mariela Agrawal, Urbana High School (Community Collaborator); Dawn Navejas, Urbana High School (Community Collaborator)

Examining Good Access in Chicago’s Black Communities: A Collaborative Process to Transform the Local Food System

Project Leaders: Saria Lofton, University of Illinois Chicago, (School of Public Health); (Food Science and Human Nutrition)

The Effects of Street Outreach on the Mental Health of African-Americans at Risk of Violence

Project Leader: Michelle-Ann Rhoden Neita, University of Illinois at Chicago (Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, College of Medicine)

Levis Third Floor
Systemic Institutional Change and Societal Impact

Launching Uni High’s Bridge and Equity Program to Affirm and Support Incoming Underrepresented Students of Color

Project Leaders: Valerie O’Brien, University Laboratory High School (Office of the Provost); Melissa Goodnight, Educational Psychology (Education); Karl Radnitzer, University Laboratory High School (Office of the Provost)

Reparative Data and Media Initiative: Extending Racial and Research Justice in Champaign County

Project Leaders: Katie Shumway, Social Work (School of Social Work); Anita Chan, Information Sciences and Media & Cinema Studies (School of Information Sciences and College of Media); Amy Leman, Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication (Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences); Rachel Magee, Information Sciences (School of Information Sciences); Lisa Mercer, Art + Design (Fine & Applied Arts); Gilberto Rosas, Anthropology (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Karen Simms, CU Trauma & Resilience (Community Collaborator). Community Members: Danielle Chynoweth, Cunningham Township Supervisors Office; Lynn Canfield, Champaign County Mental Health Board and Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board; Shandra Summerville, Champaign County Mental Health Board and Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board

Racial Justice Practicum at the College of Law

Project Leader: Margareth Etienne, Law (College of Law)

Combating Anti-Asian Racism

Project Leaders: Soo Ah Kwon, Asian American Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Susan Koshy, Asian American Studies and Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Junaid Rana, Asian American Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Combating Systemic Racism in Access to Nature, Open Spaces, and Parks and Recreation Resources

Project Leaders: Monika Stodolska, Recreation, Sport & Tourism (Applied Health Sciences); Kimberly Shinew, Recreation, Sport & Tourism (Applied Health Sciences); Elsie Hedgsperth, Urbana Park District (Community Collaborator); Corky Emberson, Urbana Park District (Community Collaborator)

Dignifying Digital Connection: Addressing Race and Class Privilege in Broadband Infrastructures for East Central Illinois Families, Students and Seniors

Project Leaders: Tracy Smith, Technology Services (Office of the Chief Information Officer); Anita Chan, Information Sciences and Media & Cinema Studies (School of Information Sciences and College of Media). Community Members: Andrea Linsay, PCs for People; Kimberly David, Project Success; Matt Schmit, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Development; Stephanie Burnett, Housing Authority of Champaign County

Holding Police Accountable for Systemic Racial Injustice: The Illinois SPOTLITE System

Project Leaders: Scott Althaus, Political Science and Cline Center for Advanced Social Research (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Michael Schlosser, Police Training Institute, Jennifer Robbennolt, Law (College of Law); Jay Jennings, Cline Center for Advanced Social Research (Liberal Arts & Sciences)

Business Certificate for Incarcerated Students

Project Leaders: Rebecca Ginsburg, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership (Education); Denise Loyd, Business Administration (Gies College of Business); Mark Peecher, Accountancy (Gies College of Business); Ellen Ritter, Education Policy, Organization & Leadership (Education); John Tubbs, Digital Media (Gies College of Business) Community Member: Mike Muneses

Levis Fourth Floor
Societal Impact

Implementation and Sustainability of the ASPIRE (Ambitions and Stories of young People Inspiring Resilience and Excellence) Program

Project Leaders: Carla Hunter, Psychology (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Shardé Smith, Human Development and Family Studies (Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences); Tracy Dace, DREAAM-Driven to Reach Excellence in Academic Achievement. Community Member: Shandra Summerville, Champaign County Mental Health Board and Champaign County Developmental Disabilities Board

Social Music Curation, Exploration, and Co-creativity for Anti-racist Teaching in K-12 Classrooms and Community Groups via Inclusive Artificial Intelligence

Project Leaders: Lav Varshney, Electrical & Computer Engineering (Grainger Engineering); William Patterson, Ghetto Genius (Community Collaborator). Community Members: Deron Bell, My Music Ed; Lauren Parks, House of Miles East St. Louis; Michael Manson, Musical Arts Institute

The Impact of Racial Bias on Providers’ Communication Behaviors with Women of Color during Perinatal Period

Project Leaders: Tuyet-Mai Hoang, Social Work (School of Social Work); Karen Tabb, Social Work (School of Social Work)

Online Certificate Programs for Community Health Workers: From Overlooked and Under-Researched Employees to Well-equipped Frontline Agents in the Fight to Reduce Health Disparities in Communities of Color

Project Leaders: Andiara Schwingel, Kinesiology & Community Health (Applied Health Sciences); Wandy Hernandez-Gordon, External Organization (Community Collaborator); Susan Aguinaga, Kinesiology & Community Health (Applied Health Sciences); Ruby Mendenhall, Sociology and African American Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Leticia Boughton Prince, External Organization (Community Collaborator); Jennifer McCaffrey, Illinois Extension (Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences); Brandi Barnes, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute (Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation)

Partnerships for Equity, Access, and Representation in STEM (PEAR-STEM)

Project Leaders: Eva Pomerantz, Psychology (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Lara Hebert, Undergraduate Programs Office (Grainger College of Engineering). Community Members: Beth Hand, Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center; Janice Mitchell, Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center; Tracy Dace, DREAAM-Driven to Reach Excellence in Academic Achievement

Illinois Community Media Project

Project Leaders: Angela Aguayo, Media and Cinema Studies (College of Media); Julie Turnock, Media and Cinema Studies (Media). Community Members: Evelyne Tardy, Cunningham Children’s Home; Miriam Larson, Independent Media Center, Urbana; Rachel Storm, Urbana Arts and Culture Commission

Racial Equity and Justice in the State Courts During the Post-Pandemic Transition

Project Leaders: Jason Mazzone, Law (College of Law); Brian Gaines, Political Science (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Robin Fretwell Wilson Law and Institute of Government and Public Affairs (College of Law and U of I System)

Understanding Racial Disproportionality in Finding Permanent Homes for African-American Children in Out-of-Home Care: A Study of Subsidized Guardianship

Project Leaders: Theodore Cross, Children & Family Research Center (School of Social Work). Community Members: Dagene Brown, State of Illinois; Julie Barbosa, State of Illinois; Kimberly Mann, State of Illinois; Lina Millett, State of Illinois; Monica Mosley-Cantrell, State of Illinois; Monico Whittington-Eskridge, State of Illinois

Blueprint for Transitional Justice in the US: Building on Lessons and Insights from Global Perspectives

Project Leaders: Colleen Murphy, Illinois Global Institute (Liberal Arts & Sciences) and Law (College of Law); Flavia Andrade, Social Work and Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program (School of Social Work and Liberal Arts & Sciences); Jerry Davila, History and Illinois Global Institute (Liberal Arts & Sciences); Teresa Barnes, History, Gender and Women’s Studies, and Center for African Studies (Liberal Arts & Sciences). Community Members: Allan Boesak; Elna Boesak