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Campus Belonging Resources

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Campus Belonging Resources is designed to focus on behaviors that negatively affect the climate of inclusion and belonging on campus and continue to invest in our education, support and response efforts for individuals impacted by those behaviors. Campus community members – including students, staff, faculty, and community members – are invited to submit any reports of behavior that negatively affect their own or other’s sense of belonging and inclusion on campus. Members of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion staff will follow up individually when requested to provide resources and response.

The New Process

As of August 23, 2021, the university bias response process has moved to the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Reports submitted through the form on the OVCDEI website will be received by OVCDEI staff, who will coordinate response.

This process provides a mechanism for members of our campus community to share concerns about behaviors that negatively affect their experience on campus, educate the campus on relevant issues related to diversity, equity, inclusion, access, free speech, and academic freedom, and strives to consistently affirm our institutional commitment to a campus environment that values diverse perspectives and constructive dialogue.

All fields are optional, including identifying information. If you choose to not include your name or contact information, we will not be able to follow up with you to provide individualized support or referrals. However, all reports will be included in our data and statistics. We will share your report with other units on campus only if the content of the report triggers a mandatory reporting requirement or responsible employee rule as a matter of law or university policy.

Learn more about the Transition Process Protocol.

Why Is This Process Changing?

As we begin this new academic year, we are taking some important steps and making new investments to help students, faculty and staff to inform the university when they encounter behaviors that negatively impact their campus experience. Additionally, the program will transition into the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (OVCDEI) from its previous home in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA). This service is strongly aligned with OVCDEI’s mission and this decision comes at the joint recommendation of both offices following an extensive evaluation over the last year. 

During this transition between offices, members of our campus community will see no disruption or interruption of this critical support service.

Our transition plan includes a commitment to hire additional professional full-time staff members, which will allow us to continue to improve our responsiveness and educational efforts. For additional information about this transition, please see the massmail that was sent to the campus community.

Campus Community Feedback

During fall 2021, OVCDEI will seek out input of the campus community to provide comment on the design of the new process. We will share more information during the fall semester about opportunities to provide feedback and next steps in the development of the new initiative. Based on campus feedback and assessment, additional refinements will be made to the new process in spring 2022.

Additional Resources

The Campus Belonging resources process is not part of the university’s disciplinary systems and participation is not mandatory by any member of the campus community.

In the event of an emergency, please call the police at 911, or the University of Illinois Police Department at 217-333-1216 (TTY: 217-244-7209) for non-emergencies.

As a member of the University of Illinois community, you also have additional reporting options available to you.

Campus Belonging Resources Transition Staff – Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Gioconda Guerra Pérez, Executive Associate Vice Chancellor for Diversity
  • Kaamilyah Abdullah-Span, Director of Campus Culture and Climate
  • Ross Wantland, Director of Curriculum Development and Education
  • Linden Reid, Office Manager


OVCDEI will continue to update this page with additional information about the transition process. If you have additional questions, please contact the Campus Belonging Resources transition staff at or 217-300-9580.