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Business, Community & Economic Development Overview

The Office for Business, Community & Economic Development (BCED) was established in 2018 to provide programs and services that address socio and economic issues impacting diverse communities  in the state of Illinois and, in particular, the Champaign County region and serve as a access point to University of Illinois resources.

Our goal is to develop and implement innovative solutions, approaches and programs  addressing the well-being of the state, and mobilize the plethora of University resources in  partnership with various community, public and private stakeholders to deliver diversity,  economic, and community development activities including, but not limited to:

Supplier Diversity Efforts

Our supplier diversity efforts promote, increase and improve participation of businesses historically underutilized and disparately excluded in contracting opportunities at the University of Illinois. These include business enterprises owned by minorities, women  and persons with disabilities in contracting with the university.

Diverse Business Development

To support diverse business development in the Champaign County region and beyond, we provide assistance to targeted businesses, particularly diverse businesses and entrepreneurs. We also aim to help to increase their capacity and competency in key areas that will assist them grow their current business  or develop new business enterprises. We also work to grow the economic base of the community and enhance their competitiveness in the local, regional and global economy.

Community and Economic Development

The Office for Business, Community & Economic Development partners with university colleges, departments, community leaders, local and state entities and diverse populations to develop innovative approaches and programs addressing the well-being of the state through diverse economic and community development activities.

Community Technical Assistance Program

Our office also provides technical assistance to neighborhood organizations, non-profits, municipal agencies, and  community businesses successfully execute increasingly complex community development projects that enhance the quality of life in diverse communities through Champaign County and the State of  Illinois. Assistance includes research, data analysis, training, volunteer recruitment, planning,  management, organizational, development, design, program development, fund development, etc.

Internship and Service Learning Opportunities

BCED works to recruit student volunteers and interns to assist local organizations and agencies with specific organizing, service or development projects. This program provides students with quality  internship experiences that expose them to the academic, professional and service opportunities in various fields of study.